Divine Ascension

Journal Log for 3-14-09

Alright, the events from the past gaming session as recalled from Tanngrisnr:

Basically, we stormed further into the Dwarven fortress, eliminating foes left and right. We slew and looted the first third, disposing of the bodies into a furnace and pwning several n00bs with various axe, arrow, and magical attacks. Unknown to us, cleaning the room as such would be one of our most important assets in the future.

We then marched into the second third of the fortress, easily destroying the Duergar that inhabited it. We moved in a pincer way, hoping to catch the brunt of their forces in the middle. As it turned out, there was only one guy (a mini-boss) in the banquet hall which we made short work out of (even though I forgot to mark him [doh!]) After a brief deliberation the group decided the best course of action was to wait and charge in after a good rest. Luckily for us, things turned out differently. During the rest the guards began knocking on the barricaded doors, wondering what had happened. With some creative thinking and more than a little luck, I began to speak nonsense and hint that a mindflayer had come in and cleaned house. The group then prepared a solid ambush, using the mindflayer and dead bodies as key componets. A small band of Duergar came in, were scared shitless, and eventually only the mage ran back to tell his compatriots. We figured that they would be back with more gusto, and decided to wait for at most an hour. 30 minutes later, the force returned with three more Duergar, six Orcs, and an Ogre. (they have a cave-troll) Ryan came up with a excellent idea to use Pete and his respective hand spells to drag the creatures into a misty room (courtesy of the bottle of smo…mist) in which Brittany and I would dispatch them. the plan was solid and the tactics were good. They walked right into it, but the casters had some unlucky rolls (a 1 and a 2, ouch!) Eventually however, their AoE was too much for the band and as the Orcs tried to run and the Ogre pushed forward, things got a little crazy. After Ryan dragged back an Orc, the Ogre pursued the hand and was dispatched by the fighters (a good roll taking out a leg) while the casters dominated the other party with impressive AoE. Eventually the survivors ran, and we sniped them from the bridge.

We then waited a day and charged the fortress, destroying some auto-turrets along the way (after some failed door opening attempts by the fighter) We then explored the largest portion of the fortress, eventually coming into Merklemoore’s throne chamber (no comment on his name) Insults were thrown hither and thither (my favorite being the Ogre sex-slave) and they charged the group (or just the fighter) It was a long combat but the group prevailed, after an impressive coup de grace by Brittany’s character, Merklemoore was sent back to his dark deity. After that battle things began to not be taken seriously by the group, we rolled over practically any opposition in our wake. (a mini-boss was slain by simple strangulation) Pete used his newlyfound powers of speechcraft and caused all sorts of hell for the Dwarves, slaves were found and freed, and the Warforge did a cannonball onto a Duergar. (thus making pudding) Many treasures were found, the most impressive (in my opinion) being the +2 Flaming Maul.


+20% next session. Good job and thank you.

Journal Log for 3-14-09

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