Divine Ascension

Journal Log for 3/21

Alright, again, posted as seen in the eyes of Tanngrisnr.

Basically the group finished looting the Duergar fortress, we headed back to SPH and recieved a note late at night from a Kobold. The note was a ruse to get our group assassinated (called) complete with boulder (also called) but with some careful planning and resourcefulness from the mage the group easily outfought the ambushers. (not to mention the combat-hanging) The group then talked to the head mages of the town and learned that they had a defective mage-brother, Paldemar, who they wanted to now either capture or slay. We slaughtered some Duergar traders in the town, and transformed their measely trading post into the HOF, complete with fighting pit, wizard town, teleporter, and “The Glass Axe”, the hooka room/bar.

After the renovation, our group headed out to return the slaves to Fallcrest, and we were ambushed by 29 orcs, which we dealt with fairly easily. We then pittered around for a bit, selecting some random treasure from the Mages, in which the group received a good amount of treasure, the best easily being the black leather armour. We then descended into the deeps of the Underdark, searching for both Bacon (a dire boar) and Paldemar’s Gnoll companions. We found both, and are currently debunking their fortress. I also found a baby Hyena, which I plan to raise into a companion.



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