Castor Frost

Paladin in service to the Raven Queen.


As an infant, Castor was left on the steps of a monastery devoted to the Raven Queen. His upbringing was harsh, but not cruel. He was regularly beaten and underfed, but this he was taught, would only make him stronger. At the age of 8, he accompanied the clerics and paladins of his faith on raids of a nearby cult of Orcus. As he was too young to fight, he was ordered to dispatch the wounded left after the battle. The monks had told him that “When the Raven Queen hath ordained a creature to die, in a particular place, she causeth that creature’s wants to direct it to that place”. Guiltlessly, he would end the lives of his enemies with his knife.

When he came of age, the head Abbot of the temple, asked him if he would leave this life behind him, or continue his service to their queen, Castor responded simply, “Both”. Within the week, he left the monastery and began his career as a mercenary. While he learned to fight from his comrades, he continued to pray to his goddess and found she rewarded him with strength and visions. One such vision compelled him to find a series of caves and tunnels under a derelict manor outside the town of Fallcrest. By the time he received this bit of divine inspiration, he had become a formidable sell-sword in his own right, a lieutenant in a powerful mercenary company. Spurred by the request of his queen, he set out immediately. He was accompanied by the closest thing he had to a friend: the warforged called Glitch.

Castor Frost

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