Divine Ascension

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Journal log 3/28/09

So after we decided to shed mercy on the dire bear we decided to give it a good meal consisting of our hobgoblin prisoner while we walked in the opposite direction….

We arrived in Fallcrest and went to the noble to give him the head of the slave leader. He was very appreciative and gave us a reward of 1000 gold. from there we leveled up to level 5 before going to the dwarf trader. We have a special deal that we made with him so we sold the weapons we had collected from our dead enemies. In total we got 555 gold a piece to spend on anything we wanted. Joe bought a new frost axe and then we went and spent Pete’s share of the gold on booze and hookers since he wasn’t there (not really but i wish we did). we talked to Edwin the wizard to identify them it turns out that my gloves add an extra 1d6 damage once per day. Brittany’s bow is a +1 bow that also causes blindness once per day when you speak the activation word. Joe got bracers of i believe +1 damage(could be something else though i forgot). once we finished here we walked back to Thunderspire Mt. where we sketched old runes and statues to give to Edwin. While we were doing that a group of goblins where walking out of Thunderspire Mt. where they attacked us.

The first part of battle went by quick after the goblins took their shots. Then Brittany responded by using her bows magical power and blinding them when she shot them. Joe charged up and hit them both with a very powerful strike and brought them down to 1 hp. the goblins tried to hit Joe with there axes but couldn’t see because they were blind and hit and killed each other instead. The bigger goblins came and flanked Joe and one got a wire around his his neck which paused the combat. the Goblins agreed to release joe in-exchange for them passing which we agreed, the goblin that we were negotiating with was a purple goblin. as they were moving past us Joe escaped the grasp of the goblin and owned the shit out of him with his axe and battle resumed which we took them down quickly except for the purple one which shed its skin and a wolf with a human face came out of it and ran away. only one goblin survived but instead of killing him joe decided to chop his right hand off and let him go. We traveled back to the slavers outpost to collect more etchings of the ancient minotaur religion for Edwin. While sketching one statue joe went to investigate it more closely.

The statue was surrounded by crystal clear water that was 6 feet deep he climbed up the platform the statue was on. behind the statue was the body of an elfin woman who looked like she had drown. Joe poked the body with his axe to find that it was just an illusion, the body disappeared and Joe was grabbed by the woman’s ghost! (insert dramatic music here (i think that DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!!! works the best)) anyway… Joe was lucky that he tied a rope around his waist other wise the ghost would brought him back to her layer where he would have drowned. but the warforge and the paladin(everyone else eventually grabbed the rope to help) were able to grab the rope to prevent her from dragging her away but the ghost was strong and it turned into a tug-of-war match the only problem was that Joe was underwater. I jumped into the pool after him intent on not letting him go down the tunnel alone. Joe didn’t get a good breath and was breathing in water. So using my brilliant intelligence i cast Prestidigitation to move 1 pound of air to his mouth so he could take a breath (score one for me!!) well the tug of war contest went back and forth for a long time with me casting so that Joe wouldn’t drown, Joe got a few hits in with his axe but it wasn’t very effective, finally the ghost got tired so she dropped Joe and went for the guy who didn’t have a rope around his waist….. me… fuckin a…. well she grabbed both my legs and started dragging me toward her layer, lucky for me Joe was able to grab me by the arm and hold me back, she tried to pull me free but with Joe’s iron grasp he held on. I started to cast air bubbles on myself so that i could breath. Joe got a better grip on me and pulled me up and he tied the rope around me which made her give up a lot faster. after that joe needed to get his axe but since he no longer had a rope around him i decided to do it. well i grabbed it and the ghost grabbed me… damn it….. well i was able to get 3 bubbles of air around my mouth before she dragged me into the cave. Everyone reacted pretty quickly and pulled me back, Joe was thwn able to lift me out of the water. after i was out he grabbed her and started to pull her out as well. her head lined up perfectly on the curb of the edge of the pool where i rolled a 20 for my dex to stand upright and another 20 for my attack which (if she had any) splattered her brains all over the walls and ceiling (GO ME!!! btw we didn’t decide this but i think that i should be the mvp for the session lol) after all that we looted her layer and headed back to town where we got them identified and divided up.

Brittany got a bone hawk statue that allows her to summon a hawk. Joe got a horned helm that gives him an additional 1d8 (i think) damage for when he charges, and he got a +1 dagger. I received a ring that allows me to use an action point to get a utility encounter power back or if i reached a milestone one encounter spell back, i also got a 20 foot chain made of silver that i can lock in place so it doesn’t move (so i can bind someone’s hands and they can’t brake them or slip out of them). Pete wasn’t there so didn’t have a say in the items so maybe he’ll come next time.

and thats where we stopped

Journal Log for 3-14-09

Alright, the events from the past gaming session as recalled from Tanngrisnr:

Basically, we stormed further into the Dwarven fortress, eliminating foes left and right. We slew and looted the first third, disposing of the bodies into a furnace and pwning several n00bs with various axe, arrow, and magical attacks. Unknown to us, cleaning the room as such would be one of our most important assets in the future.

We then marched into the second third of the fortress, easily destroying the Duergar that inhabited it. We moved in a pincer way, hoping to catch the brunt of their forces in the middle. As it turned out, there was only one guy (a mini-boss) in the banquet hall which we made short work out of (even though I forgot to mark him [doh!]) After a brief deliberation the group decided the best course of action was to wait and charge in after a good rest. Luckily for us, things turned out differently. During the rest the guards began knocking on the barricaded doors, wondering what had happened. With some creative thinking and more than a little luck, I began to speak nonsense and hint that a mindflayer had come in and cleaned house. The group then prepared a solid ambush, using the mindflayer and dead bodies as key componets. A small band of Duergar came in, were scared shitless, and eventually only the mage ran back to tell his compatriots. We figured that they would be back with more gusto, and decided to wait for at most an hour. 30 minutes later, the force returned with three more Duergar, six Orcs, and an Ogre. (they have a cave-troll) Ryan came up with a excellent idea to use Pete and his respective hand spells to drag the creatures into a misty room (courtesy of the bottle of smo…mist) in which Brittany and I would dispatch them. the plan was solid and the tactics were good. They walked right into it, but the casters had some unlucky rolls (a 1 and a 2, ouch!) Eventually however, their AoE was too much for the band and as the Orcs tried to run and the Ogre pushed forward, things got a little crazy. After Ryan dragged back an Orc, the Ogre pursued the hand and was dispatched by the fighters (a good roll taking out a leg) while the casters dominated the other party with impressive AoE. Eventually the survivors ran, and we sniped them from the bridge.

We then waited a day and charged the fortress, destroying some auto-turrets along the way (after some failed door opening attempts by the fighter) We then explored the largest portion of the fortress, eventually coming into Merklemoore’s throne chamber (no comment on his name) Insults were thrown hither and thither (my favorite being the Ogre sex-slave) and they charged the group (or just the fighter) It was a long combat but the group prevailed, after an impressive coup de grace by Brittany’s character, Merklemoore was sent back to his dark deity. After that battle things began to not be taken seriously by the group, we rolled over practically any opposition in our wake. (a mini-boss was slain by simple strangulation) Pete used his newlyfound powers of speechcraft and caused all sorts of hell for the Dwarves, slaves were found and freed, and the Warforge did a cannonball onto a Duergar. (thus making pudding) Many treasures were found, the most impressive (in my opinion) being the +2 Flaming Maul.

Journal Log for 3/21

Alright, again, posted as seen in the eyes of Tanngrisnr.

Basically the group finished looting the Duergar fortress, we headed back to SPH and recieved a note late at night from a Kobold. The note was a ruse to get our group assassinated (called) complete with boulder (also called) but with some careful planning and resourcefulness from the mage the group easily outfought the ambushers. (not to mention the combat-hanging) The group then talked to the head mages of the town and learned that they had a defective mage-brother, Paldemar, who they wanted to now either capture or slay. We slaughtered some Duergar traders in the town, and transformed their measely trading post into the HOF, complete with fighting pit, wizard town, teleporter, and “The Glass Axe”, the hooka room/bar.

After the renovation, our group headed out to return the slaves to Fallcrest, and we were ambushed by 29 orcs, which we dealt with fairly easily. We then pittered around for a bit, selecting some random treasure from the Mages, in which the group received a good amount of treasure, the best easily being the black leather armour. We then descended into the deeps of the Underdark, searching for both Bacon (a dire boar) and Paldemar’s Gnoll companions. We found both, and are currently debunking their fortress. I also found a baby Hyena, which I plan to raise into a companion.

Journal Log for 6/20/09

The party was able to rescue Bacon, who appeared happy to see friendly faces (well, he wasn’t too sure about the horned red-skin). After a brief respite, the merry group continued about the dungeon, promising to bring Bacon back to Nine Pillar Hall when they returned from slaying a guardian. The troop ventured deeper, entering a room with a large hole dropping several hundred feet into the Underdark, several heads skewered to some hooks on a wall (their decomposing bodies lay beneath these), and a dagger stuck ½ way to the hilt in a stone sacrifice alter. Joe, entrepreneur that he is, decided to search the goopy corpse. As he went about doing this, the body’s head engaged him in conversation. At first rather startled by the unexpected company, we came to learn a few things about the obstacles ahead, as well as what had happened to these talking heads. Apparently, they were on the same quest that we were, and had been defeated by “The Guardian” after collecting four relics (blade, bell, book, and mask) used to open an Inner Sanctum. Saying goodbye to the new friends, the HoF went to investigate the gaping hole in the floor. There appeared to be a passage on the other side of said hole, so over went the warlock, using his Spider Climb ability to crawl along the wall. Inside he discovered 300 gold (which he pocketed), a gold chalice, and a Demonic Statuette that matched the one already in his collection. On the way back, a rope was rigged up for Pete to get back across. Unable to hold onto the rope, the warlock began to fall. He would have fallen to his doom, if not for the wizard’s fast thinking to use his Freezing Hand spell to catch the warlock (although rather roughly, I might add). As a sign of gratitude, the warlock gave Ryan 150 gold.

After a brief rest, the group moved into the first room. Walking on a blood-streak as one would a red carpet, the adventurers marched into the next room. Seeing a book lying on an alter, the first of the four artifacts, they walked down the blood-smeared central isle. As they proceeded, the voices of several ghostly giants began wailing, followed quickly by flying pews. The hostile benches target the fighter and the mage, as they were the farthest into the cathedral-like room. Ryan dropped to the floor, while Joe charged ahead, zigzagging as pews attempted to maul him. Seeing one of the pews about to hit the dodging fighter, the warlock fired off an Eldrich Blast, obliterating the pew-ny enemy.

After the belligerent benches lay splintered about, the party approached the alter. Joe was on his toes, and decided to use a rope lasso to pull the book from the alter. Just as he did so, the floor tile where he normally would have been standing rose rapidly and smashed against the ceiling. One artifact down, three to go. The next room was oddly shaped, with 4 runic circles where we believe that the artifacts must be placed. We hugged the left wall and went into the first passage way.

The next room was a ghastly sight. A pool of blood separated by a long platform that stood before a red statue holding a whip greeted us. Ryan decided to tackle this room by himself, and managed to do so without grievous injury, despite being swatted twice by the statue and set upon by two Carnage Demons. Joe and Pete tried to give him some backup, coming in the form of Joe throwing an ax and Pete calling the demons “ferries” and “creampuffs”. Ryan used a Mage Hand and his teleport ability to retrieve the Blade artifact, which was in two pieces at either end of the room. After his teleport, Brittany, Joe, and Pete engaged the Carnage Demons in combat. After soundly defeating these foes, the HoF went after the next piece of the puzzle.

This room contained the Bell artifact, as well as some squirming columns made up of the bodies of those that had failed the trials. Joe went ahead and tanked the room, blowing by the columns as they howled, spit acid, and bit him. Pete followed him so that the party could communicate with each other, as well as provide some backup if the fighter needed it. Grabbing hold of the bell triggered some spikes to spring forth from the handle. These spikes pierced Joe’s gauntlet, and as his blood dripped down the bell and onto the floor, some foes stepped from the columns. A rather confusing battle ensued, with people teleporting, columns shrieking, and demons exploding from Brittany’s arrow shots.

The battle finished, our group moved on to a room that was blocked by a black curtain. Joe and the Paladin opened the curtain, and saw themselves in a mirror. The next thing they know they are standing in a room with no doors or windows. The rest of us quickly closed the curtain, and proceeded to discuss ways to get past this obstacle. We decided that backing up and looking at the floor would be the best course of action, so Ryan, Brittany, and Pete did so. The Warforge was too much of a pansy to follow us, so he guarded the rear. After a short time, Ryan decided to look in one of the other mirrors that hung about the room, and took 8 points of damage watching his reflection decompose. A few failed attempts at destroying the mirror, and Ryan looked at the same mirror that Joe and the Paladin were sucked in by, and off went the mage to the little room. So Pete and Brittany were left to complete the task. At the other end of the L-shaped room was another black curtain. The ranger arrived first, and was attacked by a skeleton. The warlock heard her alert, and hurried over to see what was going on. On the other side of the curtain lay the Mask, as well as two skeleton guards that were quickly dispatched. The warlock put on the mask and looked at a mirror, and was luckily transported back to where the Warforge was waiting. While they waited, the ranger found a stash of gold and several valuable gems before making her way back to Pete and the Warforge. Together, Brittany and the Warforge broke the mirror that had taken Ryan, Joe, and the Paladin, who were quickly spat back out to our world.

Having all of the required artifacts, the group decided to hold off on summoning the Guardian, and returned Bacon to his owner. Taking a hiatus from our current quest, mainly due to the fact that we wanted a ship that could travel on the Astral Plane, we went in search of the required reagents. The reagents that we need are 3 troll hides, 1 werewolf paw, and some angel blood. We tackled the troll hides, as this would be the easiest to find. The Palaforge/Waradin stayed at The Glass Ax while we went to find someone to take us to the swamps where some trolls would undoubtedly live. We procured a guide, who gave us a raft tide to a location where trolls were known to have a village. Travelling down a path, our party was set upon by a swarm of small red spiders. Some flammable goo and epic stompage ensued.

All of the noise created by our brutal onslaught against the spiders caught the attention of several trolls, and one came to investigate. While Joe, Ryan, and Pete were all in hiding, Brittany played the helpless damsel. As the troll charged her, Ryan dropped out of his tree and began strangling it with his Chain of Holding and Joe lit into the unfortunate creature. It was when we saw his wounds rapidly heal that Pete came up with the idea to take the troll as a prisoner. With the troll’s regenerative properties, he explained, we could skin it, let it regenerate, and keep skinning it at our leisure. Pleased with the plan, the group began to drag the troll back to the waiting raft. As we began to drag our captive, the other two trolls became curious and called out to their companion. Unable to breath because of the chain wrapped around his neck, the troll just gurgled. The warlock, able to speak troll, imitated the captive and called out to the other trolls and told them “Just a will-o-wisp. No worries.” Despite this, the trolls kept coming up the path, so Pete continued with “Just a second, I’m taking a dump. Don’t come around the corner.” Hilarity quickly followed as the trolls kept questioning the condition of their friend, which was answered with “Oh dear god the smell! What did I eat?” and “I think I just shat-out my intestines!” This had to rather shocking when the two trolls came upon the stomped remains of the spider swarm encased in sticky goo.

Arriving back in 9 Pillar Hall, we added some accommodations for our new pet troll, mainly being a cage over the fighting pit (where he’s being kept)and some measurements to make sure he doesn’t get out and cause mischief. After all of this was done, we procured the required 3 hides for our ship.


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